International Warranty Solutions


  • Worldwide Programmes Handled Locally

  • Focussing Exclusively on automotive Warranty

  • A 90-Year Success Story


Utilising industry leading technology, multi lingual capabilities and an extensive product suite combined with unparalleled knowledge of local markets on a global scale, IWS creates mutually beneficial commercial partnerships to support the growth of your business. Our team immerse themselves within our client’s business to create long term relationships, delivering bespoke programmes specifically designed to meet the ever changing demands of local markets.

Simply put, IWS delivers exactly what you need, when you need it and where you need it.

IWS offers clients Pan-European warranty  programmes designed to increase your revenue streams, boost customer retention and provide your  customers with peace of mind.

Worldwide programmes handled locally

IWS offers clients a complete end to end solution towards vehicle warranty programmes. Capable of operating on a global scale, utilising our vastly experienced team, we are able to deliver bespoke solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your local market. IWS delivers the same high quality service standards across multiple territories; through a multi-lingual team capable of speaking over 25 languages. Whether it’s sales, compliance, marketing advice or whether your customer needs to make a claim, IWS’ multi-lingual team can deliver every step of the way.

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Delivering warranty programmes across 27 countries in over 21 languages

Focussing exclusively on automotive warranty

Mastering the art of vehicle warranty, IWS is capable of delivering tailored warranty programmes to both manufacturers and dealers on a global scale designed to meet the individual needs of the clients business and their customers within their local market. We deliver warranty programmes for 48 manufacturers and over 24,000 dealerships throughout Europe, through these relationships we administer around 2,000,000 policies every year.

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48 manufacturer programmes and 24,000 dealer programmes, registering 2 million policies every year

A 90-year success story

Backed by leading warranty providers CarGarantie and Car Care Plan, IWS is able to call on over 90 years of industry leading experience, providing specialised warranty programmes to both dealers and manufacturers globally. Working with us ensures your business and your customer benefit from a wealth of specialist knowledge in local markets backed by global capabilities.

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Calling on 90 years of rich industry heritage operating solely within the automotive market

Backed by leading warranty providers CarGarantie and Car Care Plan, IWS is a newly formed warranty specialist, offering motor manufacturers pan European programmes, coupled with expert local knowledge. Through this knowledge and experience, we currently provide programmes to 48 manufacturer 24,000 dealerships across 27 countries. Calling on 90 years of rich industry heritage operating solely within the automotive market, a vastly experienced team and a range of in house knowledge, skills and resources means IWS has a unique pedigree that enables it to deliver market leading solutions across Europe and beyond.

Guided by a senior management team IWS offers clients 6,841 years of experience delivering bespoke warranty programmes tailored to meet the specific market requirements of individual territories. Supported by a multi-lingual team, IWS provides support and guidance every step of the way to create an end to end solution towards vehicle warranty.

Local Knowledge

Paul Newton
Chief Executive Officer Car Care Plan

Joined Car Care Plan in 2002, as the company’s Chief Executive Officer he is responsible for overseeing the development and expansion of all Car Care Plan’s operations at home in the UK and overseas in the European, Asian and South American markets. Paul Newton brings with him a vast amount of experience having spent over 30 years working in financial services industries including motor insurance, broking and personal lending businesses.

Dr. Marcus Söldner
Chief Executive Officer CarGarantie

The Chief Executive Officer of CarGarantie Dr. Marcus Söldner has been a member of the Management Board of CarGarantie since 2016 and was responsible for the Western and Eastern European and Asian markets as well as the areas of Business Development and Marketing prior to his appointment. Before joining CarGarantie, he held various management positions in the automotive industry, including international positions at Allianz, BMW Group and Nissan.
After assuming global responsibility for Nissan's warranty business as Managing Director of Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd., he joined CarGarantie in 2016.

Marcel de Rycker
Managing Director International Warranty Solutions

Was in his last position Managing Director of Peugeot Germany, having spent over 5 years at the PSA Group in various international and management functions. Before his roles at PSA, Marcel de Rycker spent several years for Mercedes at Daimler AG, for Opel at GM Europe, over 7 years at Volkswagen Group and held various roles at BMW before that. Having spent 25 years in the automotive industry at various OEMs, Marcel de Rycker has extensive experience in sales and marketing, e-commerce, after-sales and business development in both B2B and B2C environments. Marcel de Rycker graduated in Business Administration from the Ecole Supérieure des Dirigeants d’Entreprises in Paris and holds an MBA in finance and industrial marketing from the University of Hartford, CT.